What is your website?

At IndieHosters we host a broad range of people’s website.
We know most of you, but we also know that you don’t know each other.

If you are interested, it would be awesome to present what you are doing to the rest of the IndieHosted community?

I’ll start by presenting mine :smile:!

My site is: https://microblog.pierre-o.fr/ and as you can see, I speak mostly about technology and politic.

It’s now your turn!

Hi! https://michielbdejong.com/ here - I mostly blog about how we can build a better world with free technology. I’m also an IndieHoster myself, hosting about 20 or 30 other people.

https://berceanu.io here. I am currently a physics (condensed matter theory) PhD candidate and plan to blog about science and IT-related topics.