Status around spam issues

Dear email users,

since some weeks now, we have some issues. We have 2 kind of issues:

  • inbound spam
  • outbound spam

Inbound spam is the spam we receive in our mailbox. I’ve been notified that lately it was quiet hard.
Outbound spam is when our legitimate emails are marked as spam.

(I just created these terms, if you know better ones?)

Unfortunately, we are not gmail in this area. I understand that the experience is less than ideal, and I promise I’m doing the best I can, but I think I reached my limit. I spent more than 20hours now, without much success.

I think that thanks to the maintenance from this morning the inbound spam should be mainly resolved.

For the outboud spam, I’m close to abandon, it is not my nature, but this time, it is a tough one…

I’ll write 2 HowTos to help fight both.

But in the meantime I’ll write all the debugging steps, maybe somebody can help?

What I did so far

We are currently marked as spam with the following provider:

  • yahoo
  • live/outlook

Here are the raw source messages that are marked as spam.

I contacted yahoo, they said they don’t care, and outlook, they told me some days ago that my IP was being mitigated, still waiting…

In all (really I think all :slight_smile: ) the tools available like:

  • spamlist
  • senderscore
  • email test
  • mxtools
  • dmarc reports

We are all good! And Gmail doesn’t mark us as spam.
spf,dkim,dmarc are well configured, I even increased dmarc to p=reject, just to be even more sure.

If you want to check with your procedure, our email server is
(I could also create you an account).

idea of improvement

In total we send around 200 mails per day, not that much…

We send 2 kind of emails:

  • personal emails from personal mailboxes
  • system emails from different systems:
    • wordpress
    • rocketchat
    • nextcloud
    • discourse

Just to be extra careful, I deactivated some email address of some WP.
Discourse is definitely the good kid around, all the mails it sends are with the « Unsubscribe » link.
So I guess one way would be to change email template for Nextcloud and RocketChat to add this « unsubscribe » link and headers.

possibility -> add « unsubscribe » link and headers to Nextcloud and RocketChat email template

But well, beside that, I’m clueless…

If you have any ideas, it would help me a lot :slight_smile:


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