Setting up


Hello all

I’ve been working on setting up my own instance of to help some local non-profits transition from proprietary software to libre.

I believe I’ve done the setup correctly but I’m unsure on the email setup. For example when I install Wordpress (libre provision -a -u -s) it shows as it trying to use as the mail server for example. Where can my mail server be specified?

Any other information regarding setting up my own instance of would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


I consider the provision command to be very early in its development. If you have a look at the setup instructions in

even, you will see that the installation instructions contain manual steps to get an installation running.
Alternatively, you could git clone /data/domains/ and modify the settings from within that folder. libre enable and libre start should then make your application available to the public.

Please note the Dockerfile you will be pulling lives in

and you will need to adjust the VIRTUAL_HOST environment variable of the nginx HTTP server in docker-compose.yml to be