Question about the webmail


Still don’t know if I have to write the post in English or French but here we go :smile:

I went to send an email via the webmail and when I was entering the email address, as I was typing I was being proposed addresses of people I don’t know.

Is that normal?


I think it is the expected behaviour of the mail app, but this should be configurable for me.
And I agree that this is currently a privacy issue.

Would you like me to deactivate the mail app in the mean time?


I thought it could be a privacy issue as well.

No don’t deactivate, I don’t think any of us is gonna use other people’s email addresses.

I hope :smiley:



I am observing the same thing and it is a major issue to me, or rather to my contacts. I see from the github flow above that the problem is supposed to be solved… but actually it is not the case.

Is there any follow-up on this issue? This is really a major problem of privacy to me :cold_sweat:

Thank you for your feedback.


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In the mean time, I disabled auto-completion of the share in general, should fix the issue for now.
I’m following these threads now.

Sorry I was missing time to fix that, but I understand it is a critical privacy issue.


Thank you! That is an efficient solution in the meantime to me. :+1:


Hello again,
Today I notice the problem is back again!!!
Thanks for checking what happened,


Thanks for the heads up:


Any news about this issue?
I could not find a related ticket on github… And the contacts are still all shared :frowning:



Yes, sorry they closed my issue, just reopened it.


I see there the ticket is now closed and solution was found… BUT I am still seeing all email addresses… Something still to be done on indiehost side maybe?
thank you once more


Just installed and tried with latest, still no luck :confused:


I was considering re-opening an IndieHosters account but I need to know if this problem still exists?


yes it does :tired_face: