Problèmes de connexions

Bonjour à tous et toutes,

Vous avez certainement remarqué quelques problèmes de connexion les 26 et 27 juin à vos mails, cloud et logiciels de synchronisation. Nous nous y sommes attelés et ils sont résolus ce jour.

Bonne journée !

Are you getting closer to a long term solution of your down-time problems? can you estimate when you switch to the new infrastructure?

So status is:

Migration to new infrastructure:

For and it should be done around september/october. We will do our best to do it this summer but I can’t promise that, it will be a nice surprise if its done. Our Nextcloud instance and the mail server are the 2 apps that we are not ready yet to move to our new infrastructure and as you can imagine the most critical ones. We are currently testing it on others dedicated instances.
In order to do that migration we still have to plug our new network cards (10GBs vs 1GBs) to the cluster, that was our bottleneck when we initially migrated We need that to put the database on NVMe disks and benefits from the full speed performances of an NVMe disk. And we are battle testing our object storage cluster (S3 like storage).

In the meantime

I thought we bought time for that as you may have notice that until those last couple of days was more stable. We moved most of the apps that were hosted on the same server than, apparently that was not enough.

The issue here is that nextcloud database gets crazy at some point and its RAM consumption skyrockets and crashes the whole server. We made it so its RAM consumption is limited so it does not crash the server.

We will keep moving the rest of the apps on that server and only leave and there. The priority now is to move to the new infra which is the other big app that is on this server, others apps there are websites which have a low impact on this aspect. ETA for this is next week.

Then we will migrate the database from mysql to postgresql, from the feedbacks we had, it makes quiet a difference on performances. We will start testing the migration next week and go to prod before mid-July

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Thanks a lot for the quick and detailed answer! Happy to hear that the plans are that concrete already! :crossed_fingers:

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