NextCloud 13 update and end to end encryption

Hi there,
When do you plan to update NextCloud to the 13th version?
Must have : End-to-end Encryption!!!

Hi. has been updated to NC13.
We have not tested the End-to-End encryption. It should be done very soon.

I think @unteem activated it. So you can test :wink: But it is beta!

indeed @Cotopaxi42 you can now test E2EE and if you can give use feedbacks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your quick answer.
How do you activate it/test it?
Thanks again :slight_smile:

You need to install the last desktop client and you should be prompted for a passphrase. Then right click on your folders and you will see the encryption option.

I have not tested it yet but thats how it supposed to work.

Ok I have been able to create new folders with end to end encryption activated (lock on the picture of the foder) with the mobile app on Android but impossible with the desktop client. I can’t add new folders with the desktop client.
Although I am uploading most of my files via the desktop client, it shouldn’t be a problem, will it?

So just FYI:

E2E works well with iOS, as far as I can tell.

None of the desktop clients can actually use the E2E function right now. Keep an eye out for new pre-release clients here: I’ve tried the Windows client and it crashes frequently, so use at your own risk. Hopefully, they release working clients soon.

As for Android, does the lock on the folder mean that you are actually using E2E or does it simply mean that you’ve put a password on the folder? I can’t actually figure that out. The user experience and the interface on Android and iOS are so different that actually figuring out if E2E is on is confusing.

I think the lock on Android means that it’s using E2E, I can’t access those folders via my browser.
It’s possible to put passwords on folders ?

My impression is that the lock is just password protection, not E2E. But I’m not sure.
On iOS, you know that E2E is set up when the NC app gives you your 12 word passphrase.

I’m guessing that all of this will change soon once we have the first working desktop clients. They’re going to need to unify the user experiences across platforms for any of this to make sense.

On Android, when I tried to encrypt an empty folder for the first time, I was prompted the 12 word passphrase too. So I think the lock also means E2E encryption and not just password protection. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did someone else try this?

Good to know. I’m going to try again to work with e2e on Android. Thanks for letting me know.

Indeed the lock is for E2EE