[News App] The news app does not update the RSS feeds anymore



I have the News app on my Nextcloud instance. It acts as an RSS reader. Since the last big update, the RSS feeds are not updated anymore.


Yes, I know :confused:
I’ll try one more thing, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll delete all feeds, and try again.


So make a backup hehe!


OK then I just did it :wink:


Any idea on when you plan to work on this problem? No rush, just for me to know :wink:


All right. Okay. It’s a known problem. I’ll wait for a solution. Thank you Pierre.


Somebody told me it is solved.
Could you confirm on your side?


I had an update yesterday evening, but it does not seem to update today.


I don’t know if did anything but I had some updates since last evening.


Any news about this problem ? It doesn’t work for me :angry:


Hello to you,

On my side, it doesn’t work at all and it is starting to become problematic on the professional side. The application no longer appears in the nextcloud instance either.
I hope there is a solution. Do we have any idea where the problem is coming from?
Have a nice day.


If there is no solution at the moment, could an alternative be considered? Tiny tiny ?


Okay! I think I finally find the trick :slight_smile: Let me know if you have further issues!


This problem occurred again. I do not have any new articles since a couple of days.


For my part, the application has disappeared from my instance.