Is my indie account down?


I can’t access to my account, no sync, no direct acces.
I even couldn’t join the forum with my account nname/password.
Does I exist in indie ?


same here. There seems to be a general outage.


Same here. When I try to log in it states that my password is wrong, although it is prefilled from my password manager…


@ericd13 @kurodama @rainerzufall are you still having the issue?
This has been fixed about a couple of hours ago
The TLS certificate for our mail server did not get renewed as it was supposed to and as when you login to you are authenticated through the mail server this did not work anymore.
Sorry about that


I can login again via the browser. But my DAVDROID app still can’t connect. It says “authentication failed (check login credentials)”


ok i will definitely fix it right now. Getting back to you in a few minutes :crossed_fingers:


Thanks!! If I can help by providing some kind of debug info from DAVDROID let me know!


Ok so what I thought was the solution is not :rage:

I need more time.

Only workaround, is to set as a url:

this works with DAVdroid but not with ios apparently…


Too bad :neutral_face:

Strange, that’s exactly the URL I set up the account with. (You gave me this tip via email support some months ago) do I need to delete my account and then establish it again?


we will sort it out :wink:
Yep try to delete your davdroid account and try again that should make it work


Web access, app and desktop sync started to work again shortly after I had posted the above comment. Everything seems to be back to normal here.