Infrastructure upgrade and new pricing


In the coming months, we’ll be upgrading our infrastructure to a lot more powerful one, for the one interested, we’ll use kubernetes, and here is more on how we plan to roll it out.

If you are a developer, we plan to give you access to the raw infrastructure, meaning we’ll provide you an heroku like experience. You’ll be able to buy a setup package (10 hours x 50€/hour) where we’ll help you to setup the continuous deployment pipeline, from our Gitlab to our cluster.
We think it is really nice to provide a free software alternative to AWS, google cloud or heroku, and we hope our developer friends will like it.

We’ll have 2 clusters:

  • standard
  • premium

The standard cluster will have our current quality of service (qos):

  • ~ 2h downtime / month
  • spinning disks

The premium cluster will have an enhanced qos:

  • no downtime (well, except unforeseen reasons)
  • NVMe or spinning disk

The pricing for the standard cluster will be simple:

  • 4€/month/cpu
  • 2€/month/GB RAM
  • 0.05€/month/GB for spinning disk

The pricing for premium is the double of standard and:

  • 0.2€/month/GB of NVMe

In this infra, we would take care of:

  • TLS termination
  • backups
  • restore if needed (manual procedure, we’ll give one for free per month, and if you want more, we’ll bill you)
  • security (of the underlying infra, not the application)
  • monitoring (of the underlying infra, not the application)

We can also install managed application, like log collection (elastic) and monitoring (prometheus) solution for your application.

If you are not developer and just interested in having free software as a service, we’ll continue and enhance this service too. We can install and manage for you any of:

(and all the one we currently offer, we’ll add them to these lists)

For managed application, we also monitor them, and upgrade them.
The pricing for managed application is 2 times the above pricing.

For the end user, we’ll create packages and abstract the complexity.
(For instance for rocket chat, the price would be 28€/month if you have less than 100 simultaneous users)

And finally, to show our gratitude to our historic users, if you want, you can keep your current pricing, but it would help us if you could upgrade to the new one.
This would help us as we don’t pay ourself a decent salary yet, and also to decrease complexity of managing a lot of different plans.
All the users will be automatically upgraded to the new pricing for the next bill, but you can already contact us to keep the old pricing, we’ll be happy to do you this favor.

If you have any doubts, concerns, questions, please post here, or by email to, or come to chat with us.

If you want beta access to the standard cluster, we’ll start it this week. We’ll send an email to everybody with more details about this pricing upgrade.