IndieHosters Principles. What are the principles that we choose to embed in our daily work?

We liked Sociocracy 3.0 principles so much we decided, 4 months ago, to abide by them, with our own text.

Consent -> all our governance decisions are made by consent of everyone impacted by its actions. It may be useful to have someone representing third parties within the meeting.
effectiveness -> we look to be as much effective as we can in our daily actions in order to fully satisfy our driver.
transparency -> we are transparent about the way we operate
continuous improvement-> we share all information regarding IndieHosters between ourselves, by the available communication platforms
empiricism -> we setup metrics and consider them when making decisions,
equivalence -> Anyone affected by a decision can witthdraw consent to an agreeement, based he presents a reasoned objection
accountability -> we are self-accountable for our actions and shall take responsibility for them