Indiehosters healthy?



Hi guys, any update on how Indiehosters is doing?

I seem to have a hard time getting responses from emails, even for trying to make payments. And I see that they are no longer accepting new clients.

Is there anything we can do to help? @pierreozoux had mentioned an indie-gogo or maybe a Kickstarter campaign?


Hi @mineZcash

Yes we can say that we are healthy :slight_smile:

There has been a bit movement lately, we are trying to redefine our strategy and business model - a crowdfunding being one of the thing we are thinking about. We went a bit back and forth on a few things.

I will come with a public statement, before the end of the week with a status of our current situation.

Our main priority so far being to make sure everything is running while our business has been a bit on pause until we define better our business model and pricing model. For instance as you saw registration on are closed and we only deal with custom demands for dedicated instances.


Thanks for the update @unteem :slightly_smiling_face:

What is the best way to get a hold of you? Is @pierreozoux still a part of indiehosters?

I would like to get the backup link for my Chat fixed in case something happens I have a backup, and I see some other users are also having issues here on the forum.

I am willing to pay for your time, please just let us know how we can help.


@mineZcash yeah sorry for the silence :slight_smile: Everything is healthy, the best way to reach me is
Im still part of this crazy adventure, yes, we are working hard, but it is not always visible.
The best visible part is that everything is still up :slight_smile:

We are working on fixing our communication.

Can you try your backup, it should be up again.

All the best!


Thank you for the update and fixing the backup link!

Your work on empowering individuals to control thier own data is very timely, I was reading through your previous efforts for fundraising:

You guys were advocating for data privacy before it was the big issue that it is now. Zcash is also advocating for personal financial privacy.

I hope you get a Kickstarter/indie-gogo campaign together soon to help support your work. I can help you out with accepting Zcash donations too.


Thanks for your support!

And still working hard on it :wink: but we have to make this work more visible. We start to have a concept, but actually, we’ll not be able to run the crowdfunding. We think we’ll just go though normal sales and organic grow. Well see how it goes.

Thanks for your offer about zcash. I still think we are required to ask Id of out users, but we don’t do it yet, but we have to check actually this detail. And if we have to, then the use case for zcash is quiet different I guess. (But maybe you have different opinion, and I’d love to hear).

Actually, respecting the law in our country (France) is becoming more and more challenging, so let’s say: we’ll see :wink:


Just because you accept a cryptocurrency like Zcash or Bitcoin for services doesn’t mean you can’t also request thier tax/personal information. Similar to a Credit Card transaction, a user could choose to pay with crypo and you would have a permanent record of the transaction (txID) and thier account info for taxes.

I had an online store that accepted Zcash payments (for shirts and gifts) and I simply had to keep a good record of what orders/who paid with crypo to file with the IRS along side the “normal” credit card transactions. In the USA cryptocurrency is considered an asset like Gold, or a Car so it’s taxed the same way.

It’s something to look into, it may provide an additional source of revenue for you.