IndieHosters - FAQ


Here is a list of frequently asked questions (please do ask more after, and I’ll keep this post updated).

What is your email reputation?

You can monitor in real time here.
Last time I checked it was 100/100 :slight_smile:.
We are monitoring it closely, if you see any strange behavior, please let us know.

What is your webmail?

We use the Nextcloud application mail. It is still in beta, so we prefer to recommend you to use a proper email client and use webmail as a fall back.
We are also considering providing another option for rainloop or roundcube, but nothing is yet decided.

Do I get pop, imap, smtp?

Yes you do get all of that with your email access!

Is your email protected with spam filtering?

Yes it is. It can be improved. We are working on implementing learning algorithm to have even less spam in our inboxes.

Do you have ftp?

We believe ftp is an old technology and we don’t offer support for it.
If you need to upload content to our infrastructure, then we have 2 options:

  • you are a nerd like us, and you know git is the way, then you give us a git endpoint, and we pull every 5mins (yes a webhook endpoint would be cleaner, but in the mean time, it was easier this way!)
  • you are not a nerd at all and so ftp is an awful option for you, we have better, webDAV with Nextcloud!

Life is beautiful, right?

Do you have ssh?

What would you like to do with ssh? The plan with IndieHosters is to offer Free/Libre/Open source Software as a Service. Do you have ssh when you get a dropbox account? It is the same here. If you really need it, we can find solutions, but until now, we didn’t need to.
And if you know ssh, and are frustrated with us, why not self host?
There are other people in the business of VM, and we can’t/don’t want to compete them.
The idea here is: you want your preferred chat software hosted “as a Service” style, click here, put your payment details, and you are up and running, we take care of updates/backups.

Do you have X?

We probably don’t yet (or forgot to announce it).

  1. Search your technology here:
  2. See if the issue is closed (it means we probably have it, or will never :slight_smile: ).
  3. If not in the list, add one issue with your technology.
  4. If you have a link to a Dockerfile, it will increase the chances that we host it one day.
  5. If you have Docker skills, you can package it for us
  6. If you don’t have skills, you can put a bounty on it to increase the chance to get it soon :slight_smile: We usually charge 400€ to package an app. We offer one year hosting as a reward!

Do you have X ownCloud/Nextcloud app

If you run on the shared instance, we can install it if it makes sense for everybody.
If you have your own instance with an organisation account, we can install it for you, or you can install it by yourself.

How much email space do I get?

The same as the amount for your cloud.

How is your infrastructure secured?

  • security of your data
  • against being lost
    • Users data are on a RAID1.
    • If the full server burn, we do a backup every 4 hours on a different server, that we keep 7 days.
  • against theft
    • It is about being hacked, it is as secure as the less secure from our laptop and our servers.
  • against spying (from who) Our servers are in Germany, hosted by Hetzner. If you want to avoid spying from:
    • German government: you should be worried
    • French/US/CommonWealth government: you should be worried (German government may share data with them)
    • your local dictature that is in conflict with Germay/US/spying countries: you should be fine
    • your relatives: you are safe (unless they work for the first category)
    • your coworker: you are safe (unless they work for the first category, which mean you also work for the first category, so you know what to expect :slight_smile: )
  • security of our servers
    • We allow access just with ssh keys.
    • We are 2 people controlling the servers: ( @unteem , and @pierreozoux )
    • We don’t have a firewall yet (we are working on it: indiehosters/LibrePaaS#108)
    • We force the usage of TLS everywhere, so nobody can spy when you connect to our server.
    • We have A+ on TLS.
    • We don’t use disk encryption. There is a easy explanation. The servers are in a datacenter in Germany. If somebody put a usb stick on our hardware and reboot, We’ll not be aware of it. So we don’t see the point of encrypting the disk. (But maybe we’re wrong, and we’ll love that you proove it to us.)
    • We use CoreOS/docker which provide easy way to keep up to date systems, and well isolated infrastructure. If a wordpress get infected, we just reboot it, and the malware is gone, containers are stateless.
    • We try to keep up to date with the security threats, mecanisms and the way to prevent most of common attacks.
    • But We are no security experts. If you know one that is willing to help us, please get in touch :slight_smile: (Ah and we don’t have money to pay him :slight_smile:
  • security of our laptop
    • full disk encryption
    • user is password protected
    • We take care to not let access to anybody to the hardware in public place (always lock user session, even at home when AFK, and avoid leaving hw alone anywhere)
    • an up to date libre operating system
    • a password manager to have long and random pass
    • 2 factor whenever possible

And as for every cloud services I’d advise you to:

  • encrypt personal data before sending it on Internet
  • keep a local copy

This is not an advice just for our infrastructure, but an advice for using Internet in general :slight_smile:

Where are hosted your servers?

Hetzner in Germany.

Are your server powered by green energy?

Yes they are!

How much RAM/CPU/Disk do I get with my application

All applications are running inside linux containers. For now, we are learning applications usages and needs. So the price you can see (25€/container/year -> 75€/year for a lamp stack - 3 containers) is for a reasonable usage. If we see that you need more than one CPU core, and more than average amount of RAM, then we’ll contact you to find a solution together. For the disk, you get 15GB, it should be more than enough for most application, and then we charge 1€/GB/year.


We backup your data once every 4 hours on a different server and we keep 7 days of data.
If you need to download this backup, we offer a secured http endpoint where you can download your full data (this does not apply for and, as you can use webdav and imap to do your personal backups).

I have my own domain, what do I do?

You can bring your own domain, here are some details about how to do:

Waht currencies do you accept?

If you want to pay with a complementary currency / token, please get in touch
We can already tell you that we accept:

  • btc/eth/zcash
  • time

How do you differ from other Nextcloud providers?

We offer it as a Service, which means that you don’t have to manage it, we administer for you (backups, upgrades). On top, we are commited to respect your freedom/privacy even more because we just use free software for all our infrastructure. On top, we publish all the code we use, as free software too, so people can reproduce what we build.


And here are other initiatives that we adhere:



Hi Pierre;

for the reputation of your email server
you could receive an email when your IP is marked as a spammer with

Another also very nice tester if :
which will check for your SPF, DKIM


Thanks for the suggestion, we do use :slight_smile: It is indeed a great service!


What would you like to do with ssh?

Transfer files that don’t yet exist online (so no, there isn’t a Git endpoint to poll).

Transferring files with rsync over SSH is a good way to upload files. Please allow us to nominate SSH public keys, and connect to our filesystem that way.


Paying via the credit card system is partly against the independence of the Indie Web.

Can you accept Bitcoin payment for hosting service?


Yes, this I understand, but where do you want to transfer it?
On all the apps we offer, this feature is alredy covered.

Thanks for the question, I just updated the faq.
We do accept btc/eth/zcash, just get in touch with us for it.


Thank you. I have started a new topic to discuss what software would allow IndieHosters to offer Bitcoin more easily.