IndieHosters Driver. What drives us as a Collective at IndieHosters?

One of the learnings from Sociocracy 3.0 is the relevance to specify a common driver when people are working together.

Here is the one we have setup around 4 months ago.

IndieHosters exists as an online free(dom), open source hosting solution with the aim to ensure people’s freedom through contributing to the decentralization of the Internet, while ensuring data privacy.

So…whenever we make a decision regarding IndieHosters, we shall keep our driver in mind.
We shall also be open to change our driver at any time if there is something in the currenty reality that justifies a change of direction in this collaboration.

This said, as every single user is affected by this, it is quite important that you also act as driver keepers, and ensure that everything we do at IndieHosters is aligned with this.

As you, by contributing towards IndieHosters, are also collaborating with the project, I would like to ask you:

  1. Is there anything in this driver statement that you would need clarification for?
  2. If you answered yes to question 1., please post a reply below with your question, and only procede towards next point when all your questions are clarified.
  3. If you answered no to question 2., please do say as a reply if you see any reason not to review yourself in this driver, and if there is not, move to point 4.
  4. Let us celebrate your consent to IndieHosters driver. Please share what are your thoughts/feelings when you read this driver.