not reachable (cloud, front page, mastodon...)


Hi all! I can’t reach anything under at the moment.
There’s no info on Twitter:

The mail server seems to work fine though (can send and receive with Tunderbird).

Any idea what’s happening?

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All works fine now.
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Cool ! Glad to see it’ll be resolved :slight_smile:


oh well, everything unreachable again :confused:


Same here, nothing …


…aaaaaaand back :slight_smile:

Isn’t there a way there could be some automated “status” information available somewhere at all times?
Some external service, so it doesn’t rely on the Indie Host infrastructure to be visible. I think something like does.


not yet for me :frowning: down since yesterday… and I need it to update :grimacing:


… and can’t reach anything anymore… :sweat:
@Aisyk @pierreozoux, any idea what has been happening the last few days?



Normally everything is ok now.

@stragu for automatic status, i don’t know if it is possible to deploy that for now ((question of time spending). We are concentrated to resolve problems.