How to use libre and pull data from a specific branch in a remote repository?



So I had to make a fix in a production version.

And so create a branch for it locally.
Now I want to run update while pulling from that specific branch.

How can I do this with libre ?


Basically, if it is in production, it should be on master, if not, it is not a good git workflow.
But if you really want to break the git workflow, the “libre” app is just a git folder, so:

git pull && git checkout my-awesome-branch && libre update


Yes, I understand that the git workflow should be different.
The issue happens when I just realize that it isn’t the way it should be and am doing all work in “master”.

Well…now I know what branches are also for :-).

Thank you for the line. That is exactly What I asked for :slight_smile:

A question @pierreozoux … my-awesome branch, should be my-awesome-branch, right ?

And libre update … doesn’t it run git pull again ? will it not reset the content back to master again ?


Yes, corrected the name of the branch.

And the libre udapte does also git pull, but it the good branch, so everything is good then :slight_smile: