How does indiehosters promote itself?

I’m interested in how IndieHosters gets new users. At the moment I’m not aware of any form of promotion that goes on, although I’m not the expert (I only drop in periodically). How has word spread so far?

My suggestions are:

  • Submit the site to hackernews, reddit, etc (beware the internet hug of death, I suppose). I’ve seen people who would be into cooperative enterprises like indiehosters comment there. I’m sure it would go down well.
  • Fairphone users ( ) - maybe a little bit niche, but there’s a decent community who are entirely into this. Note in particular the Fairphone Open OS, which has all Google stuff ripped out!

Another question here is: would IndieHosters be averse to having advocates in the community who encourage companies (other co-ops, etc) to evaluate indiehosted services?