Gnu privacy guard support for emails

My idea is that you make it possible to have all emails encrypted by default with a gnu privacy guard or open pretty good privacy key. preferably the gnu privacy guard though.

You just upload your key whether ecc or rsa and on the web its encrypted. but if you use say thunderbird or some other enigmail supporting email client, you can decrypt it with enigmail when needed. just a thought I wanted to run by you guys. If you do this, it would doubtless be popular among gnu/linux users. already does this kind of thing so I thought I would throw it to you. but they have a weakness, No cloud storage xD which is why I am likely sometime this year going to buy storage if possible.

Thanks for the input.

Do you have any links to documentation, or software implementation.
What are the down sides of this?

Not at the moment, The only downside is if you forget the password I

I can look but not right now, to see if there is more info.

kind of busy at the moment.

Yeah… I do have on idea for a link, if it helps, but

this is what I know of… but I myself am no expert. But I am on a gnupg
user mailing list.

want me to mail you that?

does this help you at all?

One other feature that would be missing is searching.

I investigated a bit, and what I found is that:

At the moment, this is clearly not our focus, but it could be added
quiet “easily”.
(We would love to do more, but we are lacking time, and money to power
the project, we manage to keep the house tided, but it is difficult to
add functionalities.)

We could imagine crowdfund this feature? What would you think about the
idea? I think it would require 20h of work to add this functionality.
Our rate is 50€/h, so if we find 1000€, we can add this feature to our
infrastructure. (The work would be obviously open sourced at )
(Or if somebody else could do it for a better price, we are open too :slight_smile: )

There is another project interesting in this field too:

Let me know what you think, and what we can do to proceed for the next

It is a good idea, I think you should make a thread to see how many
people are interested. but that’s just my thought. :slight_smile:

I only say this, because I wouldn’t want to have you waste your money and have to go backwards…

If you were to do this, I would recommend crowdsupply or some site like that and then send emails to people who use your service about the idea.

Curve25519 is absolutely a key that should get support at some point though. it is the most secure ecc key I know of (For the moment)