Gnome Agenda unable to connect to my agenda



I recently started using gnome agenda. It works fine with one of my other nextcloud agendas (on framadrive) but it does not for my nextcloud agenda on Nothing gets displayed and the account is greyed in the agendas list.
The log gives the following error:

gnome-calendar[4711]: source_credentials_required_cb: Failed to authenticate ‘myname’: L’URL indiqué « » ne référence pas un agenda CalDAV

FYI I am using the cloud service of ubuntu to connect to my account. Files are working fine.

Could it be that gnome agenda does not like the @indiehost inside the username? (so twice).

Thanks for your feedback!


We had some issues with the synchronisation for calendars and contacts. It should be fixed now. Can you try again.


\o/ yeah it’s working now!
Thank you!


I have this problem again


@EtienneM can you detail from which client do you have issues? and what is the error message?

I just tried and looks fine.



The error message in Evolution:

Failed to connect calendar “<username> : <calendar name>”
Given URL “https://<username><username>/<calendar name/” doesn’t reference CalDAV calendar

But it used to work.

Not sure if related, but my phone Nextcloud application to sync files is also showing up an error notification:

Échec de l'envoi
Aucune instance du serveur n'a été trouvée


About the dav, I just tested with davdroid, and if you take the
address from Nextcloud web ui, you get:


And it worked, can you test with this URL?
(I don’t know what changed, and I’d agree that this is annoying…)
About the phone, I don’t know what it is, but if you can’t fix it,
please open a new thread.


Actually on Gnome you don’t chose the URL for the calendar. You just specify your Nextcloud instance address and it automatically syncs calendar, contacts, and files. It worked up to know so I don’t really understand what happened there.

I will open the thread for the phone issue.



Même problème chez moi: impossible de synchroniser agenda et carnet d’adresses sur Gnome Agenda (ubuntu 18.04) alors qu’un autre agenda (zaclys) se synchronise parfaitement.
Pas de message d’erreur; mon compte indie (toit comme mon compte zaclys) est configuré via l’outil compte en ligne d’Ubuntu.
Toute aide sera bienvenue.
Merci par avance.
F. Moureau


pareil ici, j’utilise Ubuntu 18.04 et j’ai configure mon compte Nextcloud dans les “online accounts”, mais rien n’apparait dans le calendrier. Quand j’ouvre “Calendar”, je peux voir les noms de mes calendriers IndieHost dans le menu (deuxieme icone a droite), mais les evenements n’apparaissent pas.