Git hosting app


I just come across, a dutch code hosting site for free software. They use as their git platform, and it looks nice and easy to install. Docker support is available as well. Maybe we should provide this at indie hosters?


Yes it looks nice! Definitely will look into it :smile:

I’m still afraid of the ssh part, maybe we’ll be able to host git just with https, not ssh. If not, we would need an IP per domain :confused: Will have to look into that.


What about VPS? That usually costs less than 10E/month and gives ssh and private IP.


We want to decrease cost by using shared hosting as much as possible. The most expensive is still our time. But we hope that at one point we are able to offer the services for free, or donation based.
If we do it the VPS way, we’ll never be able to offer a freemium version of IndieHosters.

One solution would be to have IPs. There is maybe a solution which would cost 1euro/IP/month. But we’ll have to increase the price of our offer. Maybe to 10euros/month. We’ll have to see.