Generate IndieHosters invoices with unique Bitcoin payment address


What free-software, installable website widget is available that would allow IndieHosters to generate secure invoices for Bitcoin payment?

Bitcoin – and maybe other crypto currencies – is a good fit for hosting that supports independence for its customers. (If you’re not convinced that is true, please start a separate topic if you want to talk about why.)

I’m glad to learn that IndieHosters will accept Bitcoin. How can this be made easier, for the IndieHosters admins and for customers?

There are providers, like Mycelium, that offer various services like Bitcoin payment processing with a payment widget to install on the website.

If I understand correctly, it will generate an invoice for your site’s payment request, with a unique Bitcoin address that sends it to your site’s Bitcoin wallet.

That sounds like something that should be implemented in installable software, without needing a third-party service. Does anyone know of such a thing as free software that IndieHosters could run for accepting payments?


We use invoice ninja for our billing system.

There is already an integration with bitpay, but we are not yet a big enough business to be regitered there.

We could add support to coinbase for instance.

In the mean time, we can also make it manually.

To proceed, order the bundle you need, say that you’ll pay with a bank transfer, and send bitcoin to this address: 1CWABdUukNvpuvZ8tfJksSZJ6fCMn7HVkc.
Once the transfer is over, we’ll setup your account for you.