Federation issue with Mastodon (nothing getting out of the instance)


Hi team

Just reporting that there is an issue with the Indie Host Mastodon instance.
It seems like nothing has been getting out of the instance in the last 8 days.

My profile page does show all my recent toots, but when looking at my profile from other instances (like Mamot.fr, using version 2.4.1, and Framapiaf.org, using version 2.4.2), nothing has been leaving the Indie Host instance since the 20th of June. I have received no reactions, the replies I’ve written have not been received by others… Another example is that I get a notification that someone started following me, but they see it as “waiting for approval” even though I don’t require approval, which means that the signal is not sent back to them.

Maybe the fact that we are still at version 2.3.3 is the reason? I know it’s not very old (released in March) but I’m thinking why that might be.


(I should probably link to a previous issue with our Mastodon instance’s Federation: [mastodon] problem with federation )


Updated to latest, let me know if it fixes :slight_smile:


Thank you Pierre, that fixed it, as you’ve seen with the replies to your toot :slight_smile:

Loving all the recent developments in the Fediverse, very exciting! Looking forward to more Indie Hosters joining our instance :+1: