External storage option


I have seen the option for external storage in nextcloud and would really like to look at adding some S3 storage to my account* if it is going to become a permanent feature. Is that the plan?

  • actually, minio hosted in my own house


We have been testing the external storage to improve our offers for big storage needs.

I’m sorry but plugging your own external storage to our NC instance is not an option we will offer. To be totally transparent I don’t think that will happen. I don’t see how we could make it work if we enable all our users to mount their external storage. You will pay for 5GB but use our bandwith with your 1TB, not so fair ehehe :wink:

Now we have 3 new offers that are being tested:

  1. 15e/month for 500GB
  2. 25e/month for 1TB
  3. 30e/month for 2TB

This offer is still in beta. It works but it might not scale so well as regard bandwith, in that case we will need to isolate the nextcloud instance on its own virtual machine. On the long term we are aiming at deploying a kubernetes cluster with ceph for block storage, it will be more interesting for such demands.

So at the moment in your case either:

  • we can test our new offer with you
  • we can assist you with a support plan in deploying your own server, you can use our tools: http://libre.sh. Then you have your own nextcloud instance and you can do whatever you want.