Customer Support - Guidelines and SLAs - what are policies on this?


Is there anywhere where we can find a customer support service level agreement or some guidelines ?

Being intermediary to a “demanding customer” and I find it relevant to specify in each contract/relationship some policies that make clear the kind of customer support there is.

I would like to see in such policies something like:

1 - Which channel to use for each type of request ? (when to use email, when to use chat)
2 - What is the minimum time to have a reply from the team to something like “Server is unaccessible - do you know anything about this”
3 - How much time can a client expect to wait for type of request?
4 - What are the different types of requests and their priority for indie hosters?

Knowing this up start levels up expectations on the customer side and he/she can make a more informed choice.