Hi all

I haven’t been able to use for a few hours. I get the following error page:

# 504 Gateway Time-out

Same thing with email, Thunderbird can’t reach Indie Host account. Any idea why?

Seems that doesn’t respond either.



Yeah, wanted to ask the same. Every second day or so I get errors via DAVx5. Too much downtime for my taste, lately.


:cold_sweat: is back, and Mastodon doesn’t have any problems anymore either, so fingers crossed.

edit: and email is back.


Seems that everything is back! Yay!

Any comment on what happened, team?
Any chance the Twitter account (or other) could be used for status of the service?


… aaaand down again. Cloud, website and Mastodon.
No news on Twitter.

What’s the support email?


contact [at]
support [at]


Everything seems to be back to normal.


@stragu @rainerzufall there has been recurrent issue on the server where the cloud, mail and mastodon is hosted - hosting those services on the same server is not the smartest move…

I did some changes to improve performance, mostly tuning the database. Unfortunately that tuning is a bit to effective in the sense where it is now using too much RAM. Restarting the services every morning fixes it for the moment.

This week we will make some room on that server