Change the tag line


Our current tag line is:

“Hosting for freedom, not for profit”.

This tagline has 2 issues:

  • notion of what is profit is vague (capital vs salary)
  • we actually do want to make a living

Do you have a better idea for the tag line?

Here are some ideas that we already collected:

  • We host, you … (create/share/publish/draw/sew…)
  • One place to manage your digital life.
  • We host, you manage!
  • Hosting for Freedom, for your needs!
  • Some makes coffee, we make hosting ethic/non profit/ etc.
  • The Host Paradise
  • Pay a little for true freedom
  • Push the door, we have organic Internet services!
  • Know your Hoster, own your data
  • You’ll come because it is great, you’ll stay because it is libre
  • IndieHosters / Local and Organic Hosting
  • Hosting, the sustainable way

Please be creative, and then we’ll run a poll!


I think “Hosting for freedom” says it all :slight_smile:


Also think “Hosting for freedom” is enough :slight_smile:


+1 for hosting for freedom
and i think the speech should insist on these advantages of indie hoster:
handcrafted, custom service, expertise, network of people


Agree too: Hosting for Freedom +1
It says it all


Hosting For Freedom ++