Certificate expired for mail.indie.host

I get the (annoyingly frequent) « Cannot Verify Server Identity » error on iOS, because the Let’s Encrypt certificate for mail.indie.host expired on the 7th of March 2020.

I feel like this has happened in the past, and there’s at least one report here: My experience with IdieHosters so far

Wasn’t there plans to half-automate that process?

I’m not sure if it is linked, but I was logged out of cloud.indie.host and of my Nextcloud client too, and I can’t log back in with my usual credentials. Seems to have happened at the same time.

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Same problem here, can no more access to my émail or my NextCloud instance since yesterday. Very frustating ! Hope this will be solved soon…

It seems it is fixed now. I can fetch mails on iOS and connect without problem through cloud.indie.host, Thunderbird and the Nextcloud client.

Yes, sorry, the certificate renewal is automated, but the mail server has to be rebooted when it happens, and this is not automated.

It is on the (long) todo list :slight_smile: