CalDAV and CardDAV broken on iOS


I am having issues adding the CalDAV and CardDAV services to my iOS devices running iOS 11.3.

These issues are consistent across two iOS devices. I was able to add them in Linux fine.

First I put in all the details provided by

(remaining screenshots are pending mod approval)


Then it attempts to verify them:

And then says it cannot connect via SSL and I try again without it:

Then that fails too.

I have tried using both my main password and a custom app password.

The same thing happens when using CardDAV:


If I may just add my voice to this topic… I have the same problem here with iOS7. Tried every solution I could find online, tried every variation to the URL, nothing works.
Any known working solutions?

Update: I also tested with an iPad running iOS 10.11 and there for whatever reason, it worked? What am I not getting?


@sirredbeard Oh, in case you haven’t seen this, you might want to check this topic here:

None of the proposed solutions worked for me, but might work for you.


I have the same problem but on android 8. I simply can’t use my self hosted solution since I got my new P20 lite
I tried all the different ways to add a server in the Davdroid app I can’t have it to run like it used to…



I have the exact same problem (just like in the screenshots).
I tried the same method with the CalDAV services from (because they also use NextCloud), and in their case everything works perfectly and gets synchronized.

Thank you by advance!