CalDAV and CardDAV broken on iOS

I am having issues adding the CalDAV and CardDAV services to my iOS devices running iOS 11.3.

These issues are consistent across two iOS devices. I was able to add them in Linux fine.

First I put in all the details provided by


(remaining screenshots are pending mod approval)

Then it attempts to verify them:


And then says it cannot connect via SSL and I try again without it:


Then that fails too.


I have tried using both my main password and a custom app password.

The same thing happens when using CardDAV:


If I may just add my voice to this topic… I have the same problem here with iOS7. Tried every solution I could find online, tried every variation to the URL, nothing works.
Any known working solutions?

Update: I also tested with an iPad running iOS 10.11 and there for whatever reason, it worked? What am I not getting?

@sirredbeard Oh, in case you haven’t seen this, you might want to check this topic here:

None of the proposed solutions worked for me, but might work for you.

I have the same problem but on android 8. I simply can’t use my self hosted solution since I got my new P20 lite
I tried all the different ways to add a server in the Davdroid app I can’t have it to run like it used to…


I have the exact same problem (just like in the screenshots).
I tried the same method with the CalDAV services from (because they also use NextCloud), and in their case everything works perfectly and gets synchronized.

Thank you by advance!

Really sorry for the long silence :confused:

Have you tried this? There is a mobileconfig that should just work - but as you said you tried everything, then it will not :confused:

We plan to update to the latest version of the server, and it should ease the pain.

Actually, I just changed a parameter, and I think I just corrected it :confused: Happy that I found the way, but really sad it took that much time to fix it…

I plan to write a blog post about that. I think it is worth it, and the problem is that I still don’t fully understand why, but well, it is fixed…

Hi Pierre
Was the mobileconfig file updated with the fix? Or was the fix server-side?