Any offers for families?


Hello Pierre,
I have an account for myself and another for my daughter. Everything works good on android and IOS. I am very happy i found a good service to escape google hold.
My second daughter just have a smartphone and i need another indiehosters account. It will make 3*24€. My wife will certainly have a smartphone too in 2017.
Do you think a family offer would be possible ? With separate logins ?
Thank you for your answer.
Cedric from Marseille


I had been thinking about asking a similar question for a while. I have a personal account, and my partner uses the calendars and task lists I created, which is great so far, but ultimately I’d love to have an account for each of my family members so each one can have their private email address, documents, contacts, but still be able to share them easily between us. Some family deal would be an amazing addition, and I think it would really suit the philosophy behind Indie Hosters :slight_smile:


You can always purchase new accounts, and link them “manually”.

You have 3 options:

  • purchase additionnal “basics” (everyone will be )
  • purchase a “personnal” and some more basics (and have all of them with the same email
  • purchase an organisation account to have a fully featured Nextcloud instance just for you and your familly.

Let me know which option would suit you the best, I can then send you a quote to ease the process.
But agree that a “familly bundle” would make things easier from a user perspective :slight_smile:


Thank you Pierre for these informations.
What i need is to have 4 accounts for my family. Technically I don’t know what option would be better. i just need 4 accounts (or users ?) and i wonder if there is price offers for 4 persons or if i have to pay 4x24€ (96€) per year.


Hi Cedric. We do not make a price offer for 4 persons, so yes it would be 4x24€ per year. Its hard for us to lower our price even for larger users order, we don’t really make a special deal. We consider that 96€/year for a family of 4 persons is fair.

Nevertheless we are open to discuss and define better what would be that family pack.


OK, i talked with my family and everyone agree wiht you. We prefer pay for an independent and human service than to use “free” services as google who make users captives. Even if 96€ per year is a high price.

So about family accounts, i guess it would be the same as the Organisation account, without a personal domain name and logo or branding. The most important is to have a web interface to manage users and the classical services of nextcloud (sync, cloud…).
But i think sometimes some families will have to separate users from the family account to basic account, ex : when children get old and want to manage themselves their datas, when couple separate…