Android Sync with


Hi @ all
I’ve no issues with the Nextcloud client on Android and IOS, but the sync of CardDav and CalDav does not work for me. I have checked the HowTo in this forum but did not find anything helpful.
Especially the upload from Android to does not work, I don’t have any contacts or calendar events in my indie account. I am using DAVdroid.
Sync of calendar events to Android seem to work, I have setup an event at and it was synced to my Android device.
What can I do to have a sync in both directions?

Kind regards


There is a known issue with sync and IOS, we have not managed to find a solution yet, but it seems to come from the client as it seems to be working on android and some clients.

@jeremiejoudioux you managed to sync your contacts and calendar on IOS with another sync client right? Which one are you using?


I am using another service for the moment, I was planning to migrate a bit later.