50 MB is the maximum Storage, according to Nextcloud


I’m trying to synchronize my documents with NextCloud client, but I can read in my browser the message
" Your storage is full, files can not be updated or synced anymore!".
The client agrees, and tells me “51MB of 51MB in use”.
I bought the basic contract, and I thought that the maximum storage was 5 GB.
What is the correct number, so ? Is it 50 MB, or can I upload 5 GB ?
Thanks in advance.


Does anyone have an hint ? I need these files for my job.


It is now corrected. Sorry about that. You can now use your 5GB


Thanks of lot. No problem for me.


I have the same problem, for a 15Gb plan
I tried to call or to ask via rocketchat and couldn’t join anyone

Thanks in advance