In this category, you can request support for the application you use with IndieHosters.


We'll list here all the features that we think are important for our future.
Please, the one you would like to be developed next, it will allow us to prioritize them.
Also, feel free to comment on them to give us some hint on better way to solve them.
We'll evaluate the complexity of each, and match an estimated cost.

Here you can ask support about project.

New application

[This category is about requesting new applications for the IndieHosters network. It's a cool place to discuss about free software in the cloud!]


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Free (beer) Hosting and Service

In this category anyone requiring free (beer) service/hosting from IndieHosters can see posts related to the criteria, and one post for each of the projects being hosted for free, as in free beer, at IndieHosters. There might be projects hosted for free not listed here if for some internally specified reason there is some kind of danger for it to be public.

IndieHosters Governance

In this category we consider all posts regarding the IndieHosters Collective.